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About The Brand

From the Founder & Designer

Amber Sasha Jewelry has always been something I’ve wanted to build. It’s been a dream since I was a little girl. Coming from a latin community, around my 15th birthday I was gifted a heart locket, growing up in poverty not ever thinking that I would have the luxury to own a real solid gold piece of jewelry it was always a dream that then became a reality. Which, I will forever remember the amazing feeling of joy it brought me when I was gifted my solid gold heart locket. I just knew I had to share this with the world in creating Amber Sasha Jewelry to ensure all can feel the amazing joy of what it’s like having a luxury piece of our fine jewelry that will last forever and can then be passed on for generations.  

When Amber Sasha was 19 she started her career in fine jewelry working for a wholesale and manufacturing company who specialized in pearl and opaque fine jewelry whom sold directly to buyers for huge retail stores all over the world. She wanted to expand her horizon in the fine jewelry by working closer with diamonds and gemstones and decided to branch out more into the bridal world of jewelry and traveled all over the world and showcased at trunk shows with high end designers in the jewelry industry. Which is where she learned all about diamonds, gemstones and way more. With over 12 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry, Amber Sasha was born and started her own business in 2018. 


Amber Sasha's fine jewelry designs are inspired by her own style and also what her clients have been asking her for.  Each piece is dainty and very comfortable when worn.  Truly, designed all pieces of ASJ to be for any occasion and to help express your own personal style by stacking rings or layering necklaces to create your own unique look with our elevated, yet chic and timeless fine jewelry designs. 


 Currently, Amber Sasha lives in sunny Los Angeles California with her husband David, her son Ashton who is now 3 years old with the biggest smile and sweetest heart and their dog who was rescued from the shelter she is a mix of schnauzer and chihuahua her lovely name is Cookie and just recently added a new member to the family an all black German Shepard whom is so playful his name is Buddy. 

 Much Love, 


Amber Sasha